Monday, March 3, 2014

Best Retro Kitchen Finds on Etsy - Atomic Age Decor

Home may be where the heart is but you'll always find them 
... in the kitchen at parties. The 1950s - when America was driven
to make life faster, easier and brighter.

Here's a collection of 10 essential Must-Have Items for an authentically
Atomic Age Kitchen.

Kitchen Basics for the Retro Lover

 Washing Up is a Must

Protect yourself

Drain Issues - No worries.

Keeping things tidy

The Classic Chrome Dinette Set

The Power of Pyrex

We can thank Bessie Littleton for her tenacity in pursuing
a more durable option for cooking and baking. 1915 - Introducing
Pyrex. By 1919 more than 4 1/2 million pieces of Pyrex
Bakeware had been sold in America.

Introducing Tupperware: Waste Not, Want Not

The Age of Plastics - Invented by Earl Tupper who convinced his
employer Dupont to sell him polyethylene slag. Enter
Brownie Weiss who worked for a company called 
Party Plan. She saw the potential to sell the product
in homes. And voila - The Tupperware party was born.

Television meets Salt and Pepper Shaker

Between 1949 and 1969 the number of households in America
with a television set rose from 1 million to 44 million.
Now, that's serious stuff.

Kitchen Magic 

Pyrex Bottle

But the Milk Bottle needed to say Goodbye.

Try to Keep Cool Under Pressure