Friday, January 11, 2013

"Re-Wigging" Shopping (This Is Not A Rig")

Today Moxie and her pal Sheila "trans"formed themselves into Butch Gorge and Femme, Shirley.  
Together they "wigged" out in a walking, window winking, romp, through Leslieville,Toronto.

We were on a mission to snap some photos of over looked art, cool and fun design, and of course a serious visit to the local Value Village. 

Our Highlight of the day was a visit with Serine, owner of the AMAZING: ZENPORIUM - Furnishings and Accessories. This store is a must visit!

Zenporium has a selection of hand crafted reclaimed teak root furniture, salvaged fishing boat designs, and some modern teak sculptural art that has an earthy vintage vibe. 
you can find them at 998 Queen St East

We can understand Zenporium's love for artisan design that focuses on re using, re working and re imagining. That's what our day today was all about!

Have a browse at our "wigged out" highlights!

Butch Gorge, and Femme Shirley Starting out at Caroline Ave In Leslieville.

 We are each other's shadows.

 Note the rainbow on the bag! It's a day full of magic!


Some very cool Hanging Lights! The Rainbow!

Vintage or Modern? Love the bag anyway!

Some fun sticker "art" on the soon to be, disappearing, Bell Pay Phone.

 The fun, colorful, vintage modern, window at on Queen St East. LOVE the Light Bulb Lamp! 

Femme Shirley, Having a look, or standing seat in the mcm (Herman Miller?) swivel office chair. Delic!

 Butch Gorge, wig walking in her 1950's, persian lamb coat.

What's life without some records! There is nothing like listening to a record playing music from 60's!

Butch Gorge loved these plastic pineapples displayed ever so wonderously in a Leslieville greasy spoon.

This is so ZEN... reclaimed fishing boat art work at ZENPORIUM on Queen St East.

This gorgeous table, made from reclaimed teak,  made us think of a cork under a microscope, or a rustic wood pile. Available at ZENPORIUM.

There is something so right about pairing industrial stools with a reclaimed fishing boat bench. DELIC! At Zenprium.

Femme Shirley yaking with Serin (Zenporium's owner) while wig chilling in this stunning rustic chair.

Need we say more? GORGEOUS!! Zenporium.

 Femme Shirley, thinking of a new occupation.

Red on red..vintage desks being used as sidewalk seats!

Shirley and Gorge, wondering why a butcher knife is used in tattoo supplies? 

A nice mom sign, love the font! 

Outside Value Village, doing some self photography. 

Gorge, in aviator shades

Gorge's new/old frying pan...her old one was worn out big time

A vintage plate, Shirley had a hard time deciding what plates to get.

Okay, these are super cool shades. So Janis Joplin!

This child's rainbow knit sweater, was a must have for Shirley. It is now her new/old winter scarf. It is very "Edie Beale". 

These barely used leather shoes, were a score! Walk with comfort and a Value Village Mile.

Gorge just didn't quite fit into this vintage, knit sweater dress. Darn. 

Shirley showing off the fabric that Gorge will use in some up cycling of her own. These will look "swell" on Gorge's 1920's Rocker and Chair set! They will be available at in Spring 2013.

A painted Toilet Seat! How fun is that! Queen Street East.

Need we say more? GORGEous!

These reclaimed fishing boat chairs, have that 1950's retro modern design that Gorge is in love with. What a great pairing. Reclaimed wood, and a retro design.

That Boat Shelf is made from reclaimed fishing boats! Indonesia has a ton of  very old teak root and architectural teak salvage that is the main material used in items at Zenporium.  Like the fishing boats!

Shirley, needing to know if she looked as good as this rustic teak mirror did. Zenporium.

SO AWESOME! this sculptural pice at Zenporium is made out of fish vertebrates! At first Gorge thought is was buttons...that would be cool too.

WANT! these textural organic teak end tables fit any style. 

Gorge, going crazy with pic taking. SO much to fall in love with at Zenporium!

Serine, Owner of Zenporium. She didn't judge us for wearing our wigs and I bet if we brought her a wig, she would have "wigged" out with us!

Gorge admiring easter egg blue, wire beaded place mats at Zenporium. They were only 29.00!

Reclaimed Teak Decor at Zenporium

Gorge deciding and picking through some items. 

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