Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Atomic Age Advertising - Food in the 1950s

One thing you can't argue: They don't advertise like they used to. 

Visually spectacular, shamelessly over-the-top - who doesn't have a soft spot for Mid Century Advertising? The illustration talent was incomparable. Sadly, it was generally nameless and rarely acknowledged. 

Vintage Advertising equals Eye Candy for the design savvy, the culturally curious and those with a sense of humour. Cheerful, vibrant, technicolor. Larger than life.

The 1950's - when everything was sweeter, tastier, easier and, of course, better.

Oh, and in Retro Advertising, exclamations are a must !!!

Over the next months, I'll be designing blogs exclusively devoted to the splendour and smarts of Vintage Advertising brought to you by The Twentieth century. Please stay tuned and visit again soon.

If you dig 1950s design, please check out Beauty and The Bomb

Drop by ACME Vintage Limited to see more. And begin, or add to, your collection now. Long live vintage advertising.


Welcome to 1950's America.

All the food you'll ever want. And more.

Slice and Serve - So easy in the '50s

BABY RUTH Candy Bar Ad - 1953

Cute Creepy Kids

Bird's Eye Orange Juice - Original Advertisement - 1950

The fine line between desire and madness

us vs. th3m

Shock and Awe. And, the requisite "!"

Kraft Mayonnaise Original Vintage Ad - 1950

But is it actually food, Mom?

Treet by Armour - 1958

Pop. Pop. Fizz. Fizz.

7 UP "The Family Drink"

Illustration vs. Photography (It's the technicolor that counts)

Chef Boyardee was founded by Ettore "Hector" Boiardi in 1928,
eventually moving the factory to Milton, Pennsylvania
(where tomato and mushroom growth was ample).
U.S. Military commissioned the company during WWII to
produce army rations and ran 24/7.

Chef Boyardee Ravioli - 1956

The redder ... the better

The word ketchup originates from the Chinese 'ke-tsiap,
a pickled fish sauce. The origin of its variation 'catsup' used
more commonly in the U.S.A. is unknown.

Old Advertising on blogspot

Amazing New Discoveries

Instant coffee: invented in 1890 in New Zealand by Mr. Strang.
Nescafe wasintroduced in 1938. And the high-vacuum freeze-dried variety
hit the world stage after WWII.

Sliced Bread Convenience

Did you know that there was a short-lived ban on sliced bread?
Yup - in 1943 as a war-time measure -
the rationale for this: that a ready-sliced loaf required heavier
wrapping than an unsliced one if it was not to dry out.

What'll they think of next ...?

Original Magazine Print Ad - 1950s

Making life easier and a little Eastersploitation

Use what you've got  Upcycling with Betty Crocker

Frozen Orange Juice Pie - Betty Crocker - 1950

Eternally Spam

Imperial Googie on tumblr

Food can be a powerful thing.

Roger Wilkerson on tumblr

Graphic Content in Vintage Advertising

Borden's Cheese Slices - 1949

What you see is what you get

One of Sausage's Greatest Moments

Ain't Life Grand!

ACME Vintage Limited 


Klappersacks on tumblr


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