Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ATOMIC AGE ADVERTISING - Keeping Laundry Clean in 1950s America

Keeping America Clean

There's no getting around it - Atomic Age Advertising is over-the-top - exaggerated, bombastic and loud. And, that's why we love it. America during its finest period of unadulterated idealism.

Some of the priorities - a gas-guzzling beauty on wheels, all mod cons and a house that's spic and span. And what do the ad pitches for virtually every product share? The colourful boasting of speed, greater efficiency and brighter results.

Some of the greatest bragging rights belong to household cleaners. Witness the ecstasy, the shock and the endless joy that Tide, Oxydol, Spic and Span, Cheer, Duz and SOS deliver to the consumer ...

And we all know who that is ... the iconic 1950's Hausfrau. The very picture of happiness. Window into the '50's mindset here.

Because ... Clean = Good = Decent = Healthy = Respectable = Happiness

So, what to do in 50's America? Heck - make it easier for the woman doing all that dreary housework and while you're at it - convince her that it's actually fun.

Vintage Detergent Ads are becoming some of the most collectible print ads - known for their vibrancy, their hyperbole and their ... good clean fun.

To collect more original vintage ads, drop by ACME Vintage Limited.

Here comes the spin ...

Laundry Days

The war's over and now we've got Seismotite

Serious Stuff - Laundry

Felso - not named to last

The Agony and The Ecstasy

Oxydol - born in 1914. In the 1930s, Oxydol was the sponsor
of the Ma Perkins radio show. Yup, the first Soap Opera.

"You're about to see an accident happen ..."

To watch a great OXYDOL Commercial click here

DUZ - Because it duz.

"My husband, Bob's, shirt looks cleaner but it's
got a deeper kind of dirt. Body dirt - the dirt
that digs inside clothes."

DASH works on body dirt. Watch commercial here.


Rinso defies Gravity and Dirt


Promises of better days to come ... 

More TIDE - You never had it so clean!

Nothing short of a Miracle

Next week ... Cleaner Surfaces


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